The Big Meow presents:

I am proud

to be an american

The Twin Towers in 1983
Remembering 911
To those that gave their lives and those that live on to honor the heros.

I am a proud american

I am proud of the freedom we enjoy in this beautiful country called America.
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of worship
Freedom from fear
Freedom from want

I am a proud american

I am a proud gun owner.
I believe in our 2nd amendment rights
My Maine Coon cats are made in America and sold in America.
***The Maine Coon Cat is the only longhaired breed NATIVE to the US.***

Proud American

I love God, family & country.
I back our men & women in blue.
I back our military.
I stand with MY president.
[Biden is not my president]
And, being able to have this freedom of speech is all because I live in the GREAT USA!