Our Maine Coon Cat boys


Grand Champion

"Big Meow Rockin Blue Skies"

CFA Best Blue Tabby MC nationally

CFA Southern Region's 3rd Best of Breed MC

2011-2012 season.

Big Meow Stetson
Stetson is Rockin's son
TICA Regional Winner, Quad Grand Champion
CFA Silver Champion
"Big Meow Stormy Knight"
AKA: Storm
TICA's Best Black smoke & white and
23rd Best Longhaired Cat for 2020
Storm is Stetson's son
Champion Mainesail Tradewinds of Big meow, a brown tabby with white male maine coon


"Mainesail Tradewind of Big Meow"

AKA: Schooner

"Mic Mac Buzz Lightyear of Big Meow"
Cameo Classic tabby
In the words of Buzz Lightyear...
"Singlehandedly populating the universe one kitten at a time...to infinity and beyond!!"

Maine Coon father cats are gentle and good Dads.

They are easy going and will actually play with the babies.

They  have been known to babysit when mom needs a break for a spa day.

They easily win the hearts of all the Mom cats.

Maine Coon cat fahter babysitting the kittens

Dad babysits