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Our Therapy Cats

The story of Cadi
Cadi was born at the Big Meow.
She grew up with her sister, Bella.
Two kittens 2 weeks old
Two kittens watching a cat toy
Growing into a beautiful cat,
her owner, Ellen Vogel, wanted to show her.
cat standing on a table
Cadi with CFA judge, Gene Darrah
cat laying on the table
Cadi with CFA judge,
Lois Jensen 
Cadi enjoyed showing and was a ham in the show ring.
Cadi got her title of CFA Grand Premier.
Premier is the term used when showing a spay/neuter.
It is equal to a grand champion, the title given to a breeding cat.
people and cat at a cat show
Ellen [L] and me with Cadi at a CFA International cat show
professional photo of a maine coon cat
Grand Premier
Big Meow Tanzanite Sky

But Cadi's career wasn't over...

Oh, no, she was just getting started!

Ellen worked with Cadi, and after a year, Cadi tested for her title of Certified Therapy Cat through Pet Partners.
Cadi went through the same testing as therapy dogs.
She passed with flying colors!
Over the years, Cadi's work as a therapy cat has grown.
She not only visits nursing homes and hospitals,
Cadi is well known and loved at UNC 
poster with a cat
cat on her back getting a belly rub
Cadi gets a belly rub by her student friends at UNC
cat at a birthday party
On Cadi's 8th birthday,
her friends at the nursing home threw her a birthday party.
Cadi continues her therapy work. 
And now, she has another job.
With direction from Ellen,
Cadi is showing the next Big Meow the ropes
of being a show cat and a therapy cat.
professional photo of a Maine Coon cat
Big Meow Vivo
kitten on the table at a cat show
My eternal thanks to Ellen Vogel for her love and care
of these beautiful girls.
Thanks, Ellen, for your hard work and determination to have therapy cats.
head shot of a cat

We miss you everyday!

Follow Ellen, Cadi and the therapy cats on Facebook:
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