Our Maine Coon Cat Girls

Champion Big Meow Crystal Blue Persuasion

AKA: Blue

Blue classic tabby

Big Meow Super Nova Metallica

Smoke tortoiseshell with white

Big Meow Ms. Mahh-velous
AKA: Marvel
Silver patched tabby
Jovie at 5 months
Big Meow Jovie
Brown classic tabby
Big Meow Adora Belle
AKA: Dory or Cover Girl
Silver patched tabby with white.

Big Meow Cherokee Rose

Brown patched classic tabby

Cameowcoons Sexy Lexy of Big Meow
Brown classic tabby
Cameowcoons Ruby Lee of Big Meow
Black smoke with white
CFA Southern Region
3rd Best Maine Coon Kitten for 2019-2020
photos at 5 months old

Maine Coon mother cats are great mothers.

As the babies take milk from Mom, she gently folds her plummed tail over her babies for warmth and comfort.

Purring softly, she sings the song of love to her kittens while they sleep.