Gallery of photos

My beautiful cats, My home & Family

L-R: Neptune, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Strawberry Moon, Mercury & Lone Wolf

Come on up to the Big Meow....

Every season is a season of beauty and peace on our beautiful land. It is no wonder that this is a place of happiness

My husband relaxing on the front porch

The men in my life:

L-R: Hunter, my grandson, Chris, my son & John, my husband

Every morning, when my husband fixes his lunch for work, the cats and the dogs gather around for their bite of ham or turkey.

Princess stands up for her bite. Apatche sits in the chair for hers. and, yes, a couple of the girls are on the counter.


The Cat Superhighway...
The "Cat Superhighway" was custom built by my very talented husband, John.
The small walkway at the very bottom is the "Kitten Skywalk"
where babies learn to climb. 
Rockin makes a perfect leap over to "Rockin Mountain"...

Followed by Princess!