Our kittens

The Big Meow presents:

Those lazy days of summer!

With a pandemic having loomed large for months now,
This weekend might be the first weekend out of quarantine for many of us!

How the cats enjoy the great outdoors

Enjoying the clean summer breeze on the screened porch
Chasing butterflies
Enjoying the flowers
Stretching out in the sunshine
Take a little trip
And don't forget your shades
Go fishing
And, at the end of a beautiful day outdoors, take a nap with someone you love.

Lets not forget the reason for Memorial Day...

Remember the men and women that gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.

Dory & Stetson's pride

8 weeks old.

The theme is hospital ships

Reserved for Debi
Reserved for Thelma & Tom
Reserved for Amy
Reserved for Thelma & Tom
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