Our kittens

The Big Meow presents:

Time to help trim the tree!
The kittens are thrilled to help trim the tree.
They are working with the strings of beads
All the kittens are spoken for,
but they are still adorable to see
what they are up to until they go home!
I'll climb the tree and put these up!
I look beautiful in beads... 
goes without sayin'!
Which color looks best?
I like them all!
I think you bite them to check if they are real.
It could be a diamond, you know!
Do they light up?
Who cares if they light up?
They are fun to just play with!
I am putting on my adorable face.
Oh, let's face it...
they are all adorable!
The Sleeping Beauty litter is 5.5 weeks old
Reserved for Mike & Darcy
Reserved for Lori
On hold for Minjee
"King Stefan"
Reserved for Annette & Kevin
King Hubert
Reserved for Ryan & Rina
"Prince Phillip"
Reserved for JoAnn

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