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What about those lovely tortoiseshell cats?
Here is what you should know...
A tortoiseshell cat is a black cat with spots of red and cream mingled through the coat.

A "tortie" is always a female.

There are no two torties alike.

Think of them as an artistic psychedelic gift to the cat world.

It has been said that torties have
attitude, or"Tortitude."
I beg to differ.
Any cat, any color, can have an attitude. It is all in how they are raised and loved from birth. 

I love torties!
I find them sweet, with a cheeky, fun demeanor that just gets better with age.

They are smart!
Maybe that smartness is interpreted by people as attitude, but
really, they may be too smart for their own good!

Here is what I want a cat that is loving, fun, smart and gorgeous...get a tortie! 

The Spice Girls:
Sporty, Baby & Posh Spice
5 weeks old
DSC_0113 2.jpg
Sporty Spice
Super sweet & affectionate

DSC_0110 2.jpg
Posh Spice
Smart with a fun loving demeanor

DSC_0106 3.jpg
Baby Spice
Patched tabby
Reserved for Alison
Email me for details on adding one of the Spice Girls to your family!
I have litters coming.
Email me about where your 
interests lie
& how to get on the pre-approved buyers list!
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