Our kittens

The Big Meow presents:

Bath time!
Whose idea was this anyway!?
Soap and bubbles
Rinse and repeat

And what do you get?

Soft, fluffy, sweet smelling kittens!
Lexy and Storm's babies
are 8 weeks old.
The theme for this litter is fashion designers
"Calvin Klein"
Reserved for John and Liz
Reserved for Ed & Beverly
Her new name is "Emma Dior"
Reserved for Alessa
Reserved for Kerry
His new name is "Ollie"
"Louis Vuitton"
Reserved for Emma
His new name is "Pawl McCatney"
Reserved for Nancy & Rick
His new name is "Malachi"
Reserved for David
Jovie & Buzz's babies
are 5 weeks old.
The theme for this litter is
My Little Pony
"Princess Celestia"
Reserved for Sadie & Skylar
"Nite Lite"
Reserved for Mike & family
"Princess Luna" & "Shining Armor"
Reserved for Peter, Karen & Katherine
"Princess Cadance & "Rainbow Dash"
Under evaluation for show
Come back next week for more kitten news
and new photos!